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Wolfstan kennels provides advanced training and procurement ensuring the needs of our clients. We stepped in the market taking clients as our first and foremost priority. Without a doubt, we are fully devoted to providing the finest kennel services the UK has to offer.

What makes us stand out of the crowd is our efforts in training. Our aim is to develop a loyal companion of yours, a protection dog, that could save you and your family from any unwanted danger. Our training program is focused on obedience, manners and socialization to build the ultimate life savior. After articulating proper training methods and programs, we have a handbook now including all Patrol, Police and search categories you need. We also have tactical programs committed for specialist canines where some units claim a different attitude to deployment than the norm. These comprises of Tactical jungle tracker dog, Dual purpose police dog, specialist search and Tactical firearms supports.

We ensure customer care and support so that you can rely on us without any hesitation. We look forward to serving you and expect to see you again at our door soon.

Home & Personal Protection Dogs

What is a person Protection Dog?

  • Personal protection dogs are more potent and protecting than any weapon or security measures.

  • They are well trained to track down any danger thus keeping you secured.

  • They can be great family members while being your most loyal companion.

  • They are the shield for your home and property.

  • Trained protection dogs can catch thieves or anyone having a tendency to harm you. As a result, you will be saved from further threats.

  • Your home will be out-of-bounds for potential robbers when they will know you own a protection dog.

  • They are trained to secure you from any unwanted danger. So they can be your best companion wherever you go.

  • A protection dog can take good care of you and your family too. Though they are trained to protect you, they can also give you some quality time by playing or walking with you .

  • You will have a feeling of being safe and secured.

  • They can be a form of great investments for your security.

Trained Working Dogs

Supply specialist trained dogs

There are some dogs who are just a good companion. Whereas, there are also many other dogs who are specially trained to complete different tasks. Working dogs are of many categories. Such as – Therapy dogs, Police dogs, service dogs, Military working dogs, Search dogs, Rescue dogs and so on. Service dogs have been specially trained to accompany people with various impairments. Therapy dogs are certified animals allowed to participate in providing therapy to medical patients.K-9 dogs are usually known as police dogs. They are specifically trained to cooperate with police and other law administrators. Military dogs can scout, detect and track to rescue and can take part in any search mission.Search dogs have exceptional smelling and hearing senses. Wolfstan Kennels offers highly trained working dogs categorized in certain breeds. Here’s where you can make your investment worthwhile.

Need equipment for your dog

Breeding Programs

Health & genetics are important for us

The wolfstan kennels breeding program is aimed at producing the highest performing and healthy canine possible that will continue to support our clients such as police and military throughout their working life.

All our dogs go through a number of health tests throughout their breeding period. Eventually, dogs are selected for the breeding program if providing they qualify with all the required aspects of the health tests. Before pairing two dogs together, it is very much essential to consider the health factor first. This allows them to lead a healthy and sound working life along with increasing their average working lifespan. All the necessary procedures of the breeding programs are conducted carefully by the wolfstan kennels breeding team.

anti poaching dog puppy

Training Academy

Professional training provides in security and canine

  • We customize our training programs specifically so that it meets our client’s unique needs.
  • We guarantee successful and ingenious training that fulfills all the requirements.
  • After all research and analysis, we always try to learn and adapt new training techniques to cope up with the changing situations.
  • Our training courses are designed to accomplish your needs.
  • Our training is well-experimented and highly categorized which ensures a positive outcome.
  • We provide a wide variety of training courses including basic and advanced dog training, obedience training and protection training.

More services we provide

kennels Services

Wolfstan Kennels specializes in providing the best training services. Our kennel services allow your dogs to live in a sociable environment and play with other dogs.

Security Services

Wolfstan Kennels team is devoted to training security dogs successfully. Our environment is training friendly and specially designed to prepare K9 teams for different operation strategies.

government Services

From the very beginning, Wolfstan Kennels has been working to serve the needs of many governments. Without any doubt, government organizations can rely on us for different dog operations.

nikas pet centre

Nikas Pet Centre is always standing there in order to pamper your pet with all those services you need including grooming,doggy day care, pet training and boarding services

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top quality working dogs

We offer the best working dogs suitable for police, office, business and home.

specialist equipments

We can be your reliable shoulder when it comes to choosing the right dog training equipment.

dog training packages

Our training methods are designed specifically to accomplish all your requests and needs.

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