Boarding Services

Leaving your dog with us can be a perfect solution when you want to train your dog professionally. You can trust our professional team to take care of your dog. Wolfstan Kennels boarding is a safe and secured place your dog would love to call this place ‘home’. We also offer other pampering services (playing or exercising) to your dogs to make their stay more enjoyable. We offer boarding and daycare services in the local area to all our clients and new customers.

a home away from home

Our Boarding Services

Wolfstan Kennels boarding services are designed for the pet owners who want to train their dogs in expert hands. Observation and supervision are the key factors to train a dog successfully which may not be possible for every pet owner. Especially the owners who spent most of the day in their workplace.Are you a busy person not getting enough time to train your pet? You are in the right place. We have a team of qualified trainers to train your dogs and treat them like our very own family.

Our boarding service comprises a solid structured and organized environment where your dog will be professionally trained. You can choose the training duration for your dog. Your dog will be our family member for the whole training period. We will make sure that your dog is always comfortable with us.

You can trust us with your fur toddlers. We will take complete care of them. They can spend their time playing with other dogs. Our area is very spacious so that your dogs don’t feel bad like a crowded place. We have an outdoor play area where your dogs can run, walk, play and exercise. Wolfstan Kennels boarding team offers the best environment for your dog to grow and socialize with other dogs. We always keep our dogs in observation and make sure that none of them are harmed.

Boarding Service Facilities

  • Large Indoor Areana

  • Numerous Outdoor Paddocks

  • Professional training provided

  • 24 hours supervision

Boarding Booking Policy

Our Boarding Policies are written in-line with BS Regulations to the highest standards and can be reed in full HERE.

  • Pre Vetting Form is required to be filled out

  • We assess all our dogs prior to getting a place at our Day Boarding Centre.

  • Pack Suitability Tests

  • Behaviour Assessments

  • Qualified Staff

Lets know about

Day Care Boarding

If you are away for a day or if you are a working person then you can leave your dog with us for the whole day. We will take care of your dog just like you do. You don’t need to worry about your dog along with your work pressure. Stay relaxed! Your dog will be totally safe with us. We care for your dog as much as you do. We will help your dog to socialize here with other dogs and settle in when you are not there.

  • Super cozy and comfortable environment

  • Safe and licensed home

  • Exercise practice regularly

  • Perfectly follows diet and routine

Day Care Option 1

Dog attends Once a week. 7:00 – 17:00

Allowed to free run in free walk paddock.

Day Care Option 02

Day Care for you dog Kennelled with am & pm walk of 30 minutes From 07:00 – 17:00

Late or early add on

Add early bird services to your dogs boarding schedule.

Our Doggy Day Care Speciality

Wolfstan Kennels boarding team is well known for their topmost boarding services. Our boarders are qualified and experienced to handle your dog. We will provide your dog with the right company so that your dog does not become bored while they are staying with us.

  • Qualified Staff

  • Passionate about your pet dogs

  • Onsite Dog Behaviourist and Pack Assessor

  • All Safety regulations are meet

  • Relaxed and calm resting space

  • Regularly updated

Why Choose Our Boarding & Day Care Services

4 Star Ratings

QA across all our servcies

Friendly service

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

questions about our boarding & day care?

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