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Canine Development & Training is at the heart of Wolfstan Kennels, and where Wolfstan first started many years ago. The Director James Wozencroft has designed and modified original techniques to a more modernised methodology, and applied them efficiently to our own working dog training systems, that we now teach and deliver to many of our clients all over the world.

why a dog needs training?

  • Anxiety

  • Unwanted / undesirable behaviour

  • Physical and mental stimulation

  • Public risk and owner responsibility

  • Working Dogs Purpose

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About Our Dog Training

All of our training systems are based around a Balanced approach using our reward system. This was devised to give staff and trainers of police and military a generic system of training that could easily progress each dog giving continuity to all trainers but still achieving a high level of accuracy when delivering the training.

With this unique method giving us the edge over other trainers, were able to build this into our client training programs too, and is one of the first things that should be taught to your puppy from as early as 8 weeks old.

Our Dog Training Facilities

Provide best quality training

Experienced Trainers

Clean and clinical in search areas

Grounds and equipment kept well

Provide best quality training

types of dog training

what training services we offer

  • Protection Dog Training

  • Consultancy to Private / Public Kennels

  • Detection Dog Training

  • Dog Behaviour Modification

  • Professional Services to Police & Security Sector

  • Private Training

Residential Training

know all about our residential training program

After your dog arrives Wolfstan Kennels for residential training, they will be examined properly. Gradually they will be settled in their new environment, They will be able to socialise and play with other dogs here

The environments are varied to make the training program more effective. Your dog will learn a range of exercises during the training period. Progress reports will be provided regularly so that you don’t miss out any important updates. Our residential training program includes –

  • Program designed to meet your needs

  • Qualified Experienced Trainers

  • Socialization training

  • Puppy programs

  • Separation anxiety

  • Obedience

  • Resource guarding

  • Dog to people Aggression

  • Dog on Dog Aggression

  • Removing fears and anxieties

Protection Dog Training

know all about our protection dog training program

Here at Wolfstan Kennels, we are core to serving well trained high quality protection dogs. We have various training courses customised to fit you and your dogs. Our course is designed to meet your needs. While selecting courses, we focus on deep research to carry out all latest techniques and strategies to provide proper training to the dogs.

Our training courses are well experimented and highly varied that guarantee a perfect training for your dog. Not every dog can take the training to be a protection dog. That’s why we select and assess dogs at first in order to single out the perfect one. Obedience training is essential for every dog before undergoing protection training because obedience is the foremost condition for being a protection dog. Your dog can have that potential to be a protection dog so visit us we will not disappoint you.

  • Socialize your dog

  • Teach your dog obedience and command.

  • Teach your dog to defend you

  • Encourage barking at any stranger approach

search dog pete

Working dogs training

We offer a wide range of training courses for working dogs. Our instructions will examine and train your dogs in a proper way. Your dogs will be trained to become experienced working dogs. Our training courses include Patrol Dog training, Search and Protection Dog training, Detection dog training etc.

The Patrol Dog training course is very popular among all the courses. Patrol Dog training course will focus on teaching various aspects including

  • Obedience

  • Area searches

  • Building searches

  • Criminal Apprehension

  • Tracking missing person

Detection dog training will be based on the search behaviours of dogs’. All the courses are customized to fit in your choices. These courses are aimed in –

  • Searching bodies

  • Search and Rescue

  • Narcotics

  • Explosives

Explosives and Narcotics training are mostly similar while searching fields focus on teaching the dogs to detect different findings.

types of working dogs we trained

Sport Dog

Sporting dogs are the most likeable companions. They are always active and alert. Sport dogs are mostly four types: spaniels, pointers, retrievers and setters. All these sporting dogs get interested in field activities and sports. There are water retrieving breeds too which may catch your eyes.

Search & Detection Dog

Wolfstan Kennel is well known for providing Search and Detection Dogs all over the UK. Our Search and Detection Dog teams are highly trained and they are experienced in various search principles including Explosives, Drugs, Cash, Firearms, Tobacco, and Pyrotechnic. They are mostly used for security purposes.

Police Dog

Wolfstan Kennels is devoted to providing hard working and intelligent police dogs that are specifically trained and assessed to assist police and militaries in different crime cases. Having these police dogs would be great for their extreme drive and focus.

Border & Customs Dogs

Border & Customs and Excise dogs are specilist canines trained to detect certain substances from coming over various borders. For more information please contact us.

Specialist Tactical Dog

Our Suspension Tactical Dog, is our most elite canine, trained to operate at height and deploy from Helicopters and Planes into their working environment.

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We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

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