Wolfstan working dogs

Wolfstan Kennel serves all kinds of working dogs including Patrol dogs, Military dogs, Police dogs, Security dogs, Detection dogs and so on. All our dogs are properly assessed before delivering them to our clients. These dogs are trained by experienced trainers and they are work driven. Different breeds of working dogs are available in Wolfstan Kennels. German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois Shepherds and Dutch Shepherds are the most famous ones. We have single and dual purpose working dogs to meet both your necessities.

Our Working Dogs

  • Registered Pedigree

  • Fully Health check and Guarentee.

  • Proven and tested genetic lines

  • Accurate and honest character write ups, to help you make a better decision

  • Balanced training methods will have been used when handling our dogs

  • All our dogs are feed the very best organic raw food BARF diet from our local country farm store.

  • All our dogs are assessed by experienced staff and we give honest opinion to the best of our knowledge

  • All our kennel dogs are regularly checked by a Vet or Nurse to ensure the very best Health care and wellbeing.

Types of Working Dogs

Green Dogs

These are young canines that have been tested to have the apptitude raw genetics to work.

Litters & Puppies

This is used for detection

Part Trained Dog

This canine is part trained towards its role.

Fully Trained Canoine

This is a fully trained dog not licesed.

Fully Certified / Licensed Dog

This has finished and passee it training and it now certified under WWDLA.

Police Dog

This is used for detection

Working dog disciplines

  • General Patrol Dog
  • Police Dog
  • Firearms Police Dog
  • Specialist Tactical Dog
  • Narcotics / Tobacco / Cash Search Dog
  • Explosive Search Dog
  • Specialist Search
  • Dual Purpose Police Dog

Working dog speciality

  • Police Dog

  • Fire Arms Support Dog

  • Specialist Tactical Dog

  • Dual Purpose Dogs

Working Dogs for Sale


detection dog


Personal Protection Dog


detection dog


detection dog


detection dog


detection dog


detection dog

Why Choose Our Working Dogs


We have some of the best trainers in the UK, approved and highly qualified.


All our dogs have been selected and gone through our procurement process


Our trainjng staff are all Ex police or Military with extensive experience from working dogs in operational deployment


All our canines are health tested and are deemed fit for work


Were the only real UK suppliers of real operational working dogs.


They all have my own personal approval!


Our training program has been designed from decades of experience from insuructors with real life experience in trainjng and working dogs in their line of work.


Current suppliers to the UK Police


Well established and trustable company.


Were a professional kennels that breeds and trains ethically and online with UK laws and best practices.

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