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Guard dogs in security services play a vital role to secure you and your assets from the hands of the intruders. Thiefs or robbers don’t get that guts to place their gaze on your properties when you have a protection dog at your home. These dogs are a great team for security services including alarm response, guard departments and other complex environments.


Our Security Services

The Wolfstan kennels are devoted to safeguarding you and your assets. Our dog security team is very much reliable and they act as a strong visual deterrent for prospective intruders. Guard dogs are one of the most strong deterrents of crime. They are great choices for private residences.We are providing patrol dog services to ensure a crime free safe environment. Security is very important when it comes to life. So let our intelligent and trained security dogs take care of the safety of you and your family. Our dogs are trained to sniff out the rarest suspicion. Their senses are developed by our dog handlers team. Often a detection dog is sufficient to determine criminals. The night vision of a security dog is four times better than a security guard. Overall, it is an ideal choice to keep your assets away from threats.

type of security services provided by us

Security Services We Provide

Detection Services

We provide Detection services for explosives, narcotics, cash, and tobacco substances.

Security Patrol

Security Response & Patrol Dog Teams are a service we provide to many clients throughout the UK. Providing a higher standard of dog handler though our certification and vetting process.


Qualified NTIPDU Instructor, we provide our own internal courses as well as those offered by the NTIPDU organisation.

Residential Security

Security being an increasing need for an ever growing number of people, our residential teams are of the highest trained, all with former police or military background.

Close Protection Services

We provide Close protection to those individuals that require this service, as well as security consultancy to different clients.

We specialise in

  • Raising the current standard

  • Strict Vetting and application process

  • The use of the canine within the working environment

  • Training Standards

  • Providing security dogs that have greater smelling sense and audability which makes them the best tool to combat security flaws.

  • Providing advanced training techniques by our security team to hone your pet’s skill.

  • Providing training by professional dog handlers to protect your life and assets.

  • Qualified behaviorists and instructors available

Canine Detection

Detection dog teams are capable of instantaneous search and detecting hazardous objects. They are the best weapon for any operation especially where explosives are present. They are well trained to work in operational environments. They can also be trained to detect harmful weapons like fire arms or contraband like narcotics.

Explosive detection dogs

We have a team of explosive detection dogs. These teams conduct searches for various operations including explosives near building or industrial sites, parking spaces, office buildings, vehicles, packings, and people surrounding federal services. These dogs are always standing thereby assisting law enforcement, police and military groups.

patrol handler teams

patrol dogs

Premise and Asset Security is one of of main sectors, providing high quality canines and handlers is what sets us apart. Our vetting and training systems make sure we provide the best quality service possible for our clients.

We specialize in security patrol dog services. Patrol dogs have very good alert character and a keen sense of foresight which helps them to look for any problem instantly. We provide patrol dog services to ensure a safe environment.

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Quality Vetting

We run a very strict vetting process for all our employees and don’t subcontract work to sole traders.

Training Standards

Due to the lack of standards for the working canine we have wrote our own inline and above other government organisations.

Quality Assurance

We have various monitoring systems in place to ensure you get the best service possible.

Long standing Client Portfolio

We have been running for over 10 years and have gain rapport from within the security industry and police forces for our professional and quality services.

We offer consultancy.

We offer consultancy and training to law enforcement agencies that require any type of Canine related education within the security field.

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