Breeding Programs

If you are thinking of allowing your dog to produce a litter of puppies? Hands down, you are in the right place! Here at Wolfstan Kennels, we aim at producing high quality healthy and high quality puppies. We carefully assess the health of the dogs before undergoing the breeding process. The whole process is conducted by our experienced team members.

In 2010 Wolfstan Kennels started procuring different lines from various kennels in europe and began a long assessment process to determine the best qualities and co-efficiencies of each of the working breeds we now offer. This was a long process and cost thousands in training and testing time. However the results were some of the best working lines and combinations in the world of working dogs.

Breeding program is important for dogs

The procurement Division for Canines have been established now for many years Building our Breeding Programme and now produce some of the best working capability canines on the market.

  • Health

  • Environmental Stability

  • Stable & Clear Headed

  • Physically Fit

  • Qualified / Certification

Breeding Strategies

This included dogs from varied origins, and backgrounds and sometimes culture of the country was taken into account when visiting various breeders.

All the dogs produced were put to the same training and testing routines, and over time we were able to cultivate our own breeding Scheme with the particular genetics and lineage that we selected to have in our modern working dog. This allowed us to tailor our selective process even further and develop the genetics to achieve the level and constancy we were looking for.

The program is Now in full operation while specialising in Shepherd / Herder Breeds. We later extended our programme to retrieval breeds for the Discipline of Search & Detection. Some of this program was also specifically designed around IED and vapour canines, taking into account the current environments they now work in.

Some of strategies are following :

  • Health Checks

  • Health Checked Pedigree

  • History of X rays for relevant breeds

  • DNA Testing and profiling

  • Physical and mental tests

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tactical dog

choosing the right dog

Breeding Dogs

Full Health & DNA Tested
Proven Working Character
Stable Temperament
Best original Pedigrees
Whelping care & stimulation
Experienced Breeders
Modern Ethical practices

Breed Standard

Selecting the best foundations at the start of the process is paramount to the success of a project. We ensured we had the best from every combination.

This was done by training and testing the entire litter and then only selecting the best from each to add into our own scheme. However this can only be done if you have a high overview level of knowledge of all lines and attributes of dogs that are available.

Also how these drives and traits effect a 5 year old working dog aswell as the training methodology to achieve the competency required for the job.

we care about dog health issues

Health Concern

Health and longevity being a priority and one of our core principles in all our breeding programs across all our breeds. We carry out all the necessary health checks upon all our dogs at selection stage. This means all dogs are pre checked by our own in house vet and an external vet service to ensure all our dogs in our kennels are of top health. We then would begin further testing upon its application when going into an internal breeding program. However its only the very best that get selected for this.

Once a dog has passed certain physical and mental assessments we would then submit it to a number of health tests carried out by a UK Vet Practice. Before any further training or physical tests are conducted. This is for the well being of the dog before it starts any formal and or high intensity physical training.

All our dogs health activity are monitored very closely, and is a recorded on an internal system for further processing. This includes everything health wise related to that dog, for example weight recording, training, Vet visits ecta.

Breeder Caretakers

This is how we achieve such a high level of consistency throughout all our programmes, in turn returning a high success rate of our dogs retiring still with their original handlers and having served a successful career. Giving all our clients longevity and sustainability from every dog they buy from us and every breeding programme we deliver.

We also work very closely with Police & law enforcement agencies, which plays a large role for us to gather data and feedback from our dogs which then allows us to maintain and further develop our program accordingly to the clients needs and push the boundaries of Canine deployment.

Success Rate

Genetics are the most important when selecting and pairing two Canines together. This is only done through trial and error, and time spent testing various different lines and pedigrees of dogs. This takes time, as you are limited to the growth rate of each dog and the testing time.

labrador puppy

Our Breeding Programs

We offer various breeding programs for protection and search roles to suit the Police, Military & Law enforcement market sector. All our dogs are continuously health tested throughout their lives so were always monitoring and altering our programs inline with our research.

The working performance of the dog is also very important to us, and something we have to prove at the highest level before their chosen to be breeding male or female. We do only keep the very best Females to breed from likewise with the Stud dogs.

We Have various programs to produce different results

Types of Breeding Program

Original German Shepherd

German Shepherds are the perfect sheepherders because of their keen sense of smell, intelligence, speed and strength. Their loyal and courageous behaviour made them stand out of the crowd.

Dutch Herder

Dutch herder dogs are basically a type of herding dog. They are of dutch origin. They are also known as Dutch Shepherd. Earlier, they were mostly used by shepherds and farmers but now they are used in many fields and organizations.

Labrador & Springer Spaniel

Labrador and spaniel make great teams. They are energetic dogs. They love doing exercises. Breeding labrador and springer spaniel can be profitable as they can inherit some of the best characters from their parents.

Belgian Malinios

The Belgian Malinois is a breed of herding dog originated from belgium. They are elegant, well proportioned, medium sized, very smart and obedient dogs. They are a working breed that makes them want the most.

Breeding Program Descipline

  • Maintain balance of sires and dams

  • Understand and monitor coefficient of inbreeding

  • Calculate number of unique ancestors

  • Conserve sire and dam-line diversity

  • Maintain high generation time

  • Monitor fitness indicators

  • Monitor population growth

  • Avoid reproductive technology

KC Certificates for Breeding Dog

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choose a bloodline for your breeding program

Bloodline of Intereset

We have our breed bloodlines that are great for producing productive dogs. Developing a bloodline asks you to establish a breeding plan. Firstly, you need to identify the breed characteristics you want to reproduce in your dogs. You must be knowledgeable about structural and genetic health problems. Secondly, you should be able to compare one dog with another keeping the traits in mind you want to breed.

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Why Choose Our Breeding Program

We give the best breeding service for you

We give the best breeding service for you

We give the best breeding service for you

We give the best breeding service for you

We give the best breeding service for you

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