Pet Training

Pet trainers at Wolfstan Kennels offer a wide range of training courses. These courses include manners, obedience and puppy classes taught by experienced instructors. Here at Wolfstan Kennels, we care for developing and training your dogs. A well trained dog can help you with full confidence. We train your dogs with love and respect. We apply modern scientific techniques to train your dogs and we ensure that they are comfortable during the training period.

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Our Pet Training Services

Our pet training services include both residential and non residential courses. You can select which course suits your dogs. Our programs are designed to be flexible so that you can pick a perfect option for your dog. We offer obedience training for both puppy and adult dogs. With our training program, your dogs can transform to their best versions. At first we select which courses may fit perfectly with your dogs and then we take them to the specialist trainers who can take care of your dogs.

  • Obedience training

  • Personal protection training

  • Exercises

  • Manners training

  • One 2 one training session

Pet Training Desciplines

There are different disciplines for pet training.

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Scientific training

  • Clicker training

  • Electronic training

  • Mirror training

  • Positive obedience training

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Training Services We Offer

Specialist Large Breeds

We offer training to large breeds of dogs using positive reinforcement and exercises. Training large breeds is a straight process. After proper research and preparation, we follow the modern techniques to train a dog. Our experts design effective training methods to train large breeds.

Dog Aggression & Reactivity

Any dogs can start aggression and reactivity training. Nobody wants an aggressive and reactive dog. Training reactive dogs would be a relief and when it falls into good hands, you become stress free. Our expert trainers can handle aggressive and reactive dogs very well. We make sure that you don’t need to worry about your dogs anymore.

One 2 One Training Sessions

One to one session includes basic pet training, puppy foundations, behavioral modifications, dog aggression and dog sport. Basic obedience is taught in one 2 one sessions. You can expect everything your dog needs from a one to one training session. This can be an ideal solution for certain training needs.

Why Choose Our Training Services

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

We provide best training facilities

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What our client says about pet training services

Wolfstan stands out way above the rest when it comes to dog training, the work is in depth and individualised to the dog/handlers needs. James is well experienced and engaging ensuring the best methods and techniques to help you and your dog. I wouldn’t go anywhere else after coming here. You won’t got better training for the money anywhere else. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! A*** SERVICE

MAtt russon

Best trainer i have used, other trainer told me that I should get rid of one of my dogs as they were constantly fighting. I will admit our lives were a nightmare because they had to be seperated all the time. I took them to James and in 4 months, they were now able to go out walks together. Thank you so much James

Paddy mclaughlin

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