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Government fields in the UK use detection dogs for different needs. Government detection dog team can be trained to complete various tasks and missions.

We Supply complete K9 Capability packages

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We offer top quality WORKING dogs along with other breeds to meet the requirements of law enforcement agencies and other public / private organizations. We have a wide range of programs military dog handles, police dog handlers, supervisors and administrators. We ensure a first class training program and we are successful in providing dog training services in most of the industries.

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We assist Police Departments with their Canine procurement process, giving them exactly what they need at the right time. This is due to our dedicated staff team who are all ex police or military personnel, and are passionate about the standards we set.

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We can discuss different issues of your pet dogs. We can help you identify and prevent any problems with your dogs. Wolfstan Kennels consists of a team of experts in the animal behavior field. We also have scientific tools to solve the problems of your dogs. We will also help you to identify the root cause so that you can prevent the problem. Then we can provide a treatment plan customized for your dog to live a healthy life.

We can also help you choose the right dog breed. Moreover, you can consult with us on how you should raise and train your dogs. Choosing the right breed is very important. If you fail to choose the right breed, then you may not get the one you expected. In order to get the perfect breed, you must know the traits, characteristics and other aspects of a specific breed. You might be missing something if you haven’t consulted with anyone yet. We are always here to help you out with any problem you have. You are always welcome.

Security Operations

Wolfstan Kennels security team is always prepared to safeguard your property from potential intruders. We always try to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our guard dog patrol units are a strong force for different security operations. We have highly trained K9 patrol services that can reduce the crime rate of your area. Potential intruders will think for a second time before attacking your property when they will see you have security teams in front of you.


We are always up for detection dogs that are also friendly and social. We want to hear from you. If you are a breeder you can train your dog from our training program. Your dog must pass a number of tests to get into our program. We are searching for such dogs to provide top class training and provide your dog with the best care they need.

Canine Training

Are you thinking about allowing your dog for a training program? You are welcome. Wolfstan Kennels is one of the largest professional canine training institutions in the UK. Our canine training service is chosen and recommended by veterinarians, law enforcements, pet retailers and rescue groups. We have a team of qualified experts here to provide search-driven canine training programs.

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