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The Original DDR / Czech German Shepherds

The Original German Shepherd is the original working dog in my mind. The breed is also known in the UK as an Alsatian. They are generally medium to large sized dogs that originated mainly in Germany and Czechoslovakia . The German Shepherd is one of the most common breeds of working dog mainly because of their strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience. They are used in many types of work, for instance, police and military, search and rescue roles etc.

These dogs are usually known for their intelligence. They learn very quickly and also have more trainability than most other breeds which makes them perfect for police and law enforcement work. They also make great home guard dogs, to keep your family and property safe.

At Wolfstan Kennels we concentrate on the original DDR & Czech working line German shepherd. We have spent many years perfecting our breedings to produce the best working dog possible for the role were breeding for.


As history depicts, the German shepherd originated in Germany was the most intelligent one. A breeder from Germany created this breed in the late 1800s. After he established the first German Shepherd Kennel Club, his dog officially became a registered German Shepherd. Initially, they were used to protect sheeps from intruders. They were taken as the assistants for farmers. They were the perfect sheepherders because of their keen sense of smell, intelligence, speed and strength. Their loyal and courageous behavior made them stand out of the crowd.The German Shepherd has a wedge-shaped muzzle, upright ears and almond shaped eyes. Its bite is so strong that it can even break a bone. They can be an ideal police dog. They can observe everything that’s going on around. This made them the perfect companion for the blind.


The German Shepherd is the most obedient, strong and courageous dog for protection services, search and rescue units and for the disabled. They are preferred for their loyalty, focus and intelligence. They are ideal as guard dogs and protection dogs. They can be faithful companions. Their personality is so distinct that they will remain devoted to you for the rest of their life if they befriend you once.

Living With

The German Shepherds can be a good family companion. They create good bonds with children and play with them. They enjoy walking and running. But they should not be left alone for more than 8 hours. They become bored easily which may engage them in various problematic behaviors like digging and barking. They are great as family dogs.


The German Shepherd dogs are protective by nature. They have longer bodies than their height. They are usually medium to large sized dogs. They have a kind of wolf-like appearance. The forehead of German Shepherd dogs are domed. They have medium-sized brown eyes and black nose. The ears are large and open. They also have a long square cut muzzle with strong jaws. They have a bushy tail which reaches to the hock. Usually, the German Shepherd dogs are either red/black or tan/black color.

Character & Temperament

The German Shepherd is mostly known for its courage. They started with protecting sheeps from intruders and ended up being the best protection dog worldwide. They are favored by the police for their intelligence. They can be a guide for the visually impaired and other people with disabilities. They are very focused with the task they are handed with. Not only best for protection, they are also widely used in search and rescue missions and also in the detection of explosives.


Mental exercises are best for the German Shepherd dogs. They are exceptionally intelligent and they enjoy accompanying their owners. They prosper in obedient courses. They also enjoy regular games like frisbee. These dogs can be trained for almost any task. They are always alert about what’s happening surrounding them. Though they can be trained easily, it is still better to train them during their young age.


The German Shepherd dogs suffer from various diseases caused because of inbreed practice at an early stage. One of the most common diseases is hip and elbow dysplasia. This disease causes pain and later it can cause arthritis. Moreover, they have a common inherited bleeding disorder and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI), which is a degenerative disease of the pancreas. Feeding them a well-balanced diet can ensure proper growth rates and maintain health. Vitamin A and D plays a vital role in the development of bones .Besides, dietary energy levels should also be monitored on a regular basis.

Exercise & Activity Levels

The German Shepherd dogs are super energetic. The owners should be patient while accompanying them. These dogs are not suitable for the owners who work outside for long hours and live alone. They don’t need much exercise but they like to engage in outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, running, picnicking etc. They usually bond well with children. These dogs prefer regular walks. From all the training courses, obedience training suits them the most.


The German Shepherds have thick coats on their body which need to be groomed regularly. They are a double coated breed. The internal layer is thicker but the external one is harsher to keep their body safe from harmful elements. They should be brushed at least 3-4 times a week. Loose and dead hairs should be removed from the body. Overbathing should be avoided as it can cause dry skin and irritation.

Our available female breeds

German Shepherd Females


Nika is our own WOLFSTAN Pedigree line of German Shepherd thats been breed from our internal produced dogs. We breed these lines purely for workability and police work. Very stable strong lines with a history of producing quality police dogs in her pedigree with aggression and drive.

She is BRN registered and KC. We also have stud available from these lines.

  • High Drive

  • Health Checked

  • Highly Trainable

  • Excellent Police / Patrol Dogs

  • Breed for Police Work


Athena was chosen to be one of our breeding females because of her natural characteristics and strong bone structure, combined with her protection instincts she makes for an excellent Breeding female.

  • Athena KC:

  • Jinipo Kennels of Czech

  • Large Female Weight: 42Kg

  • Health Checked & DNA Pass

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We have also available

Stud Dogs

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Active Police Dog UK Police Force


Current Active UK Police Dog


Current Active Police Dog

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